Why isn’t inclusion easy?

All people have a deep desire to be included, yet we tend to surround ourselves with people who are most like us.  We all know how terrible it feels to be excluded, yet we all do this to other people.  How can we expect children in our classrooms to be inclusive and non judgemental when the teachers and adults surrounding them do not exercise this themselves?

This is a great book about making friends.  Its about self esteem and self worth.  Its about how it is ok to be different and its those differences which make us unique and special.  I think this is a nice demonstration of acceptance, not only for other people to accept us but how we need first to accept ourselves.  This would be a great book to lead into teaching how we are all different and we need to love who we are before we can really fit in anywhere.

I am always trying to instill this concept into my children who are 7 and 9 years old.  Before we go to bed we say “I love who I am”, along with one reason why.  At first this was very difficult for them as it would be for anyone.  Talking positively to ourselves is hard, but once we practice it becomes very easy.  It is like anything, practice makes perfect!  This is no different then teaching our brains to see the beauty in peoples differences, it takes practice.  Once we begin to see the how these difference help us grow, and how diversity is so beautiful, we can allow people to be who they are, and we can be who we are destined to be, ourselves.


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