Pacific school of innovation and inquiry

Today we went for a walk around at this new amazing inclusive school.  I was a little bit weary at first as I was not sure what it was all about.  After listening to what Jeff Hopkins, the owner of the school had to say I am sold!  It was like doing a 360 in the way you look at how education is traditionally set up.  It takes the ownership of learning out of the teachers hands and puts it into the students.  Students get to choose what they are passionate about and learn through that channel.  They can make connections to the outside world and then back to multiple subjects, better cementing the learning.  The students are not grouped together with age and grade but by interests and abilities.  This is such a novel idea, nobody is pushed to far or held back.  I was able to speak to a few of the students and they were all engaged and excited about what they were learning.  I was impressed with this school and am excited to see how it grows, maybe my own kids can go when they hit grade 9…



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